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TT288 Oil Heater MP794


Unit:                                                     TT288 Oil Heater MP794

Process Medium:                             Oil

Heating Power:                                 8KW Switchable

Maximum Temperature:                250°C

Cooling Capacity:                             40,000kcal/h at 200°C

Unit Contents:                                   9 litres

Connections:                                      Process:                               ¾” Female Thread

                                                               Cooling Water:                  1” Male Thread

Dimensions:                                       L 960 x W390 x H 1070mm including Castors

Weight:                                                approx. 140kg


Price:                                                    £2,250.00


Exclusions:                                          Delivery and VAT


Availability:                                         Ex-stock at time of writing

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