Pressurised Water Temperature Control Units


This pressurised water unit has 2 temperature circuits for cyclic heating and cooling, allowing switching within seconds between two independent circuits. For water from 30°C to 160°C.

  • Self-optimizing temperature controller with digital display of the set and actual temperature. With high precision regulation in 1-10° range; can be adjusted to read °C or °F.
  • Automatic temperature control - difference between set and actual temperature activates an alarm
  • Digital flow indication with control of the minimum flow
  • Pump with seal less magnetic drive.
  • Indication of the pressure to the mould and of the system pressure.
  • Automatic mould drain, pressure discharge, aeration and water filling.
  • Lime scale free heat exchanger.
  • All components in contact with water are made of stainless steel or bronze
  • Unit on castors

Temperature range: Water 30°C up to 90°C 100°C up to 160°C

Temperature control: 2 self-optimizing, electronic microprocessor controllers MP-888 with
digital display of the set and actual value. Automatic temperature monitoring.

Flow control: electronically, with digital display and automatic control of the
minimum flow.

Heating capacity: 6 kW / 12 kW

Cooling capacity:
6kW - approx. 200 kW at 90°C
12kW - approx. 80 kW at 160°C

Pump capacity:
6kW - motor 1,8 kW Pressure mode max. 6,5 bar / max. 75 l/min
12kW - motor 1,8 kW Pressure mode max. 6,5 bar / max. 75 l/min. 

Pressure increasing pump: yes

Temperature measurementat the mould: no

Pressure discharge and mould drain: yes

Leakstopper: no

Filling: automatic

Medium: ¾” BSP female thread
Cooling water: 1” BSP male thread
Compressed-air: ¼” BSP female thread

Dimensions: (L×W×H) 1'300 × 480 × 1'400 mm, incl. castors

Weight: approx. 245 kg empty

Colour: silvergrey RAL 7001

Safety Devices
  • Automatic level control for dry run protection
  • Electronic temperature limiter in the controller and separate mechanical safety thermostat.
  • Main switch, transformer and motor protection switch
  • Horn in case of failure.
  • • All failures are visually indicated.
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