Oil Temperature Control Units


This 144 kW heating and cooling unit is for use with temperatures between - 20°C to 240°C with a heat transfer liquid.

This 144 kW heating and cooling unit is for use with temperatures between - 20°C to 240°C with a heat transfer liquid.

It is designed for use with double walled vessels and reactors and is a three-circuit cooling system for operations below zero degrees.


  • Self-optimizing temperature controller with digital display of the set and actual temperature. With high precision regulation in 1/10° range; can be adjusted to read °C or °F.

  • Automatic temperature control – difference between set and actual temperature activates an alarm.

  • Lime scale free heat exchanger.

  • Digital flow indication with control of the minimum flow.

  • All components in contact with water are made from corrosion resistant stainless steel.

  • Heating with automatic cascade connection.

  • Leak free high temperature pump with axial face. The pressure is displayed by manometer.

  • Hot oil circuit with by-pass, which ensures internal circulation if valves are closed.

  • No oil cracking because of special construction of the heating elements.


Temperature range -20°C up to +240°C with a heat transfer liquid


Temperature control self-optimizing, electronic microprocessor controller MP-988 with digital display of the set and actual value.

Automatic temperature monitoring.


Flow control electronically, with digital display and automatic control of the

minimum flow.


Heating capacity (Oil)                                 144 kW

Switchable in stages                                   32 / 32 / 32 /16 / 16 / 16 


Cooling capacity

Cooling Capacity :                                       600 kW at 300°C

Cooling circuit 3 :                                        240°C to 110°C

Cooling circuit 2 :                                        130°C to 30°C

Cooling circuit 1 :                                        40°C to - 20°C


Pump capacity motor                                  7,5 kW

Pressure mode max.                                   4,0 bar

Flow rate max.                                            500 l/min

Flow Control.                                               Frequency inverter for pressure control


Expansion tank capacity                             130 litres


Filling amount                                              200 litres


Expansion volume                                      100 litres



Oil circuit                                                     2” Loose flange DN50/PN10

Cooling water 3                                           1½" BSP female thread

Cooling water 2                                           1½" BSP female thread

Cooling water 1 Water-glycol                      1½" BSP female thread

Air pressure                                                 min. 5 bar


Dimensions (L x W x H)                              2‘130 x 1’300 x 1‘950


Weight (empty) approx.                               1’553 kg


Colour                                                         silvergrey RAL 7001

Safety Devices

- Automatic level control for dry run protection.

- Electronic temperature limiter in the controller and separate mechanical safety thermostats.

- Main switch, transformer and motor protection switch.

- Horn in case of failure.

- All failures are visually indicated.

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