Oil Temperature Control Units


TT-168 E, TT-168 H: For use with oil up to 150ºC. TT-168 E/A, TT-168 H/A:

  • Automatic mould drain
  • Leakstopper – operation in pressure or vacuum mode
  • Self-optimising microprocessor controller with digital display of set and actual temperature
  • Level control – audible pre-shutdown warning
  • Automatic temperature control – audible alarm sounds when unit deviates outside 5ºC preset (adjustable)
  • Automatic water refill (not for oil) - time limited to prevent over-filling due to defective hoses
  • Connection for optional external thermocouple
  • Limescale-free heat exchanger
  • Heating switchable in stages – 6 kW oil operation (TT-168 E and TT-168 H only)
Model:  TT-168E and TT-168H  TT168E/A and TT168H/A 
Heating capacity:

6 kW oil operation in 3 + 3 kW 

18 kW for water operation switchable in stages 6 kW
Temperature range:  with oil up to 150º C   
Control: self-optimising microprocessor controller with digital display of set and actual temperatures self-optimising microprocessor controller with digital display of set and actual temperatures
Flow Control: Electronic with digital display and automatic control of minimum flow.  
Cooling Capacity:  20,000 kcal/h at 90º C (also available on request with double heat exchanger) 20,000 kcal/h at 90º C (also available on request with double heat exchanger) 
Pump capacity pressure mode: 

Max 4.0 bar    / Max 8.0 bar      

Max .75 l/min / Max .75 l/min

Max 4.0 bar    / Max 8.0 bar

Max .75 l/min / Max .75 l/min

Vacuum mode:  max 8m H2O (water column)   
Unit Contents:  min 16 litres / max 20 litres   
Connections:  medium: 1/2" female thread            cooling water: 3/8" male thread   
Dimensions: L 660 x W 305 x H 765 mm incl. castors and handles   
Weight: approx 65kg   
Colour:  silver grey RAL 7001 
Safety Devices
  • Level control provides auto dry run protection
  • Separate mechanical safety thermostat
  • Temperature limiter installed in the controller
  • Motor protection switch, transformer, insulation
  • Audible alarm in case of failure
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