Air & water Cooled Chillers


These 216kW water chillers are stationary units for multi machine or very large single consumer applications requiring water temperatures from +10ºC up to +40ºC, at ambient temperatures up to +45ºC.

  • Compressor switches on and off automatically to maintain set temperature - circulation pump runs continuously
  • Self-optimising microprocessor controller with digital display of set and actual temperature
  • Two-pump system - one for internal circuit and one for external circuit ro the consumer
  • Electronic control of compressor operating time for extended working life
  • All components in contact with water are stainless steel or bronze
  • Anti-freeze thermostat prevents freezing Automatic or manual refill
  • Automatic level control with visible and audible pre-warning at low water level
  • Up to three units can be connected to one or individual tanks
  • Castors or rubber feet

There are 3 different modesl available:

  • TT-216000 Air-cooled standard unit with two-pump system
  • TT-216000 WK Water-cooled unit with two-pump system
  • TT-216000 OT Air-cooled unit without tank and with two pumps. Used togther with a seperate water tank and with more than one unit.


  • Cooling Capacity:     Nominal 216kW
  • Temperature Range:   Circulating Water     +10ºC up to +40ºC -  Air Temperature     +2ºC up to +45ºC
  • Contents water tank:     600 Litres
  • Refrigerating agent:     R-134a
  • Temperature Control:     Self-optimising microprocessor controller with digital display of set and actual temperatures
  • Pump Capacity:  External circuit     at 200 l/min 5 bar.     at 400 l/min 3,5 bar. Internal Circuit     approx. 500 l/min.
  • Compressor:    Hermatically sealed
  • Air Volume:      4 x 8'000 m3/h (escape at WK)
  • Power Comsumption:      approx. 66kW
  • Connections:   TO/FROM mould     2" female thread, Auto. water refill    3/8" female thread, Drain     1" female thread
  • Cooling water IN/OUT     2" female thread (only at WK)
  • Dimensions:     L 3'350 x W 1'300 x H 2'090 mm incl. castors
  • Noise level: (in 3 m)     70 dBA
  • Weight:     2'040 kg empty
  • Colour:     Silver grey RAL 7001

The model TT-216000 WK is water cooled and needs at least 1,5 bar water pressure:
with cooling tower water (approx. 30ºC): approx. 260 l/min. cooling water consumption
with tap water (approx. 10 - 15ºC): approx. 100-150 l/min. cooling water consumption

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