Die casting

Specialised solutions for high temperature applications.

Aluminium and zinc die casting

Tool-Temp oil temperature control units provide the perfect solution for applications in die casting.

Typically, at the start of a shift, dies require heating to the optimum temperature for the casting process – usually around 200ºC.

As the process takes place, molten aluminium or zinc at temperatures of up to 700ºC will heat up the die. Tool-Temp's oil heaters provide very high cooling capacities to maintain the temperature of the die at the optimum.

Optimum die temperatures result in quality components – avoiding cavities, poor finishes and other imperfections which may result in component failure.

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Other Industries

Fibre & Textiles

Tool-Temp expertise provides precise and consistent control of temperatures in demanding roll applications.

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Food & beverage

Precision control – where quality is critical.

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Tool-Temp brings decades of experience to injection moulding customers.

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For customers in the pharmaceuticals industry, Tool-Temp provides a range of solutions.

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Print finishing

Temperature control solutions for the perfect finish.

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Temperature regulation tasks in the chemical industry are often solved with the complex manufacture of temperature control equipmen.

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New Installations Manager

Something new and exciting is coming to Tool-Temp in January 2019 we have a NEW installations manager joining us. He will be working closely with the technical director. Tool-Temp are very excited to have someone managing installations this means that this department can be focused on more.

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