The complete temperature control range for process applications

Tool-Temp offers a complete range of temperature controllers and water chillers, from small portable units for dedicated single-machine operation, to large multi-machine systems.

  • Water Temperature Control Units>90ºC
    Water Temperature Control Units
    This outstanding range of best-selling Water TCUs offers legendary Tool-Temp precision and quality, for process applications up to 90ºC. Simple to operate, rugged, durable and utterly reliable.
  • Pressurised Water Temperature Control Units>140ºC
    Pressurised Water Temperature Control Units
    Tool-Temp's Pressurised Water TCU's are designed for use with water up to 140ºC. As with all Tool-Temp units, they combine high quality corrosion-free construction, with high-precision microprocessor control.
  • Oil Temperature Control Units>360ºC
    Oil Temperature Control Units
    For higher temperature applications, Tool-Temp's universally respected Oil TCU'S provide precision temperature control up to 360ºC.
  • Air & Water Cooled ChillersFrom -25ºC to 45ºC
    Air & Water Cooled Chillers
    Tool-Temp Air & Water Cooled Chillers cover applications requiring water temperatures from -25ºC to 45ºC. Like all Tool-Temp units, the range offers outstanding quality features and corrosion-free construction.
  • Conditioning Bath>90ºC
    Conditioning Bath
    Tool-Temp's TT-100 Conditioning Baths are specifically designed for conditioning polyamide mouldings with water and steam operation up to 90ºC.
  • Vacuum Leakstopper
    Vacuum Leakstopper
    Fitted as standard on current Tool-Temp TCUs and chillers, our TT-70 Vacuum Leakstopper is available as a standalone solution to leaking water circuits.